Client: Califin S.p.A. (currently Gallery Holding S.p.A.)
Date: 2015

Headquarters Gallery Holding

A space, originally aseptic, that was entrusted to us so that we could make it welcoming for the managers of the company for which it was purchased. So we created an atmosphere in which it would be pleasant to work: from the offices, customized according to the passions of the people who work there, to the cafeteria, to the meeting room. The use of greenery unites the two floors of the building, creating a welcoming and relaxing environment, while the design conveys the company’s values, including a sense of community and belonging. A gallery of paintings featuring images in sophisticated black-and-white of the 140-plus stores built by Califin, now Gallery Holding, welcomes visitors.

Cliente: Gallery Holding S.p.A.
Data: March 2023