Client: Timberland Italia S.r.l.
Date: 1987 – 2012


It was from here, from this image, that the long project path with Timberland began. This realization of 1987, inspired President Schwarz for the image of the format of the future concept store of Timberland, so that he invited Silvia Veronesi, co-founder, to move to the United States.
60 stores, 20 shop in shops and 4 showrooms of which we have taken care of the design and project management with a particular attention to the references of the local culture to be translated into design elements in synergy with the franchise format of this iconic American brand, in the most significant stores in terms of cultural location. The delicate work of relationship and coordination between the inputs of the company, the European headquarters in London, and the wishes of the local client was the result of the synthesis of planning, anthropological and design skills.

Cliente: Timberland Italia S.r.l.
Data: March 2023